What is this?

This an archive of diyhrt.cafe, diyhrt.wiki, diyhrt.market, hrt.coffee, transfemscience.org and a few others in case something goes wrong. Websites are updated once weekly.

Accessing this archive

Online, no download required.



Use this link and it will start a download. To access the archive, open index.html with your browser.


I encourage you to start your own mirror, and open an issue or pull request if you would like it added to the readme. If you decide create a public mirror, it should be automatically updated by simply running git pull at least once a week (you can do this with a simple cron job). Feel free to open an issue if you need any help.

This project is currently hosted on Codeberg and mirrored at GitHub, git.disroot.org, git.gay (html version) and hrt.wtf

Contact me

If you want to contact me about something here, start an issue on GitHub, Codeberg or send me an email.